After almost three months in Nicaragua, I am back at home base.

Although primarily intended to avoid the worst of winter, the 3-month stint was a rich and unexpected learning experience.

Computer Trouble-Shooting

Strange as it sounds, one of my best learning experiences was in the area of computer trouble-shooting.

In Nicaragua, Internet service was reasonably reliable. But occasionally there was a computer problem of one kind or another. Given the limited computer resources in the country, my best option was to try to figure out the problem and fix it on my own.

Happily, I was able to get things sorted out and get on with my work. One on occasion, I was the designated computer technician in the hotel. Strange but true.

Turned out that this experience in Nicaragua was good training for my return home. I spent most of yesterday trouble-shooting a series of problems with the wireless network at home. Not exactly what I had in mind for my first day back.


I consider myself more a content provider than a techie. But successfully trouble-shooting several computer issues sure gave my ego a boost.

Motivational and efficiency experts alike tell us to focus on what we do best … and delegate the rest. That is sound advice that when followed will surely help lead to success.

But realistically, for those of us who work alone, whether at home or in a distant warm climate, do not always always have the delegation option readily available. In many cases, we ourselves must do whatever it takes to trouble-shoot a problem so we can and get on with what we do best.

It’s times like those that I am grateful for the resourcefulness that helped solve the computer issues in Nicaragua … and here at home.

Now I can get on with the work that I enjoy most and do best…producing content.

The road to better results is yours…and yours alone…to develop and follow to achieve your desired results.

Developing Your Road To Better Results

When building physical roads, designers and engineers start with a sound plan.

As well as incorporating a strong foundation for the road, this plan also details the strategies that the construction people will follow in creating the road.

The same considerations apply when developing your own road to better results.

Three essential factors contribute to the effectiveness of your road.

1. Your Values

Your core values serve as the foundation for your road.

Note that there are three kinds of values to consider:

  1. core values that define your success
  2. core values that will help you succeed
  3. core values that will help attract new clients

2. Your Goals

Your goals define your desired results. These are the better results that you would like to achieve.

In setting your goals, make sure that they are as smart as you are.

3. Your Plan

If you are looking for better marketing results, your road to these results is based on your marketing action plan.

This means that when you are planning your your road to better results, you can use your personal marketing plan as your blueprint for achieving these results.

You will of course want to revise your personal marketing plan to reflect the specific actions that you will be taking to improve your results.

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A Different Kind Of Ladder

A ladder of achievement represents a series of achievements in which each achievement is based on the achievements that went before it.

It’s part of our evolutionary process to move from one stage to another….from crawling to walking and so on.

In many respects, professional service marketing is a natural process.

It is however, not a process that happens automatically.

Effective marketing requires proper planning.

Successfully moving up your marketing achievement ladder requires a personal marketing plan that has been carefully developed and conscientiously implemented.


A personal growth plan will help keep you focused on ensuring progress to achieving better results from your professional service marketing.

Personal growth is the planned process that enables us to develop and enhance the resources we need to achieve our goals.

As a planned process, your plan includes customary elements of planning.

Typically, these elements include:

1. clearly defined goals

  • remember that the best planning starts with the end in mind
  • it is also important to remember that your goals reflect your personal definition of achievement

2. current assessment

  • in a personal growth plan, this assessment identifies opportunities for improvement…areas in which personal changes must be made and significant progress achieved

3.  implementation strategies

  • these strategies define specific actions to be taken, with an appropriate time-frame

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The true business secret simple success is to follow what you value so that success will follow you.

This secret is also the most basic of all success tips.

What does success mean to you?

Is it generating and accumulating great wealth?

Or perhaps it’s the satisfaction of making a difference to individuals or in your neighbourhood, community or the world at large.

Whatever success means to you, one thing is clear:

Unless you truly value whatever results that you achieve and that measure your success  you are unlikely to fully enjoy your success.

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There are at least ten core values that will help you succeed.

These values are:

  1. Commitment
  2. Decisiveness
  3. Excellence
  4. Honesty
  5. Innovation
  6. Loyalty
  7. Positive Attitude
  8. Respect
  9. Self Reliance
  10. Systematization

After a description of these values I have included a suggestion as to how you can identify your own values.

Personal Values

Personal values are important in both our personal and working lives. These values shape our individual belief systems, which in turn determine how we interact with other people.

Our values are also reflected in our personal goals.

When we achieve our personal goals, we are living our values…living a life that reflects our personal belief system.

Core Values

Our personal values do more than influence how we lives our lives.

At least ten core values influence how we live our working lives…and succeed in our work and businesses.

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Taking responsibility for your actions…regardless of the results produced…allows you to continue to get better at everything that you do.

‘I Could Not Have Done This Without…’

Whenever our results are disappointing, the classic and classy approach is to ‘take full responsibility’ for the outcome.

This is prudent…it avoids the unproductive process of making excuses and pointing fingers of blame at scapegoats, whether deserving or not.

On the other hand, when we succeed, the tendency is to recognize the contributions of others…’I couldn’t have done this without…

Once again it’s prudent to recognize the contributions of others regardless of how much…or little…they actually contributed to our success.

Certainly from the perspective of getting along with others, these two approaches are sound and unlikely to cause problems for others.

Innocent Deceptions

However from the perspective of continuous improvement, they are little more than innocent deceptions.

More often than not, when things go wrong for you, other people play a role…sometimes a huge one making them go wrong.

On the other hand, when things go right for you…it’s likely because you have done most of the hard work yourself…even orchestrating and coordinating the work of others.

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Your personal motivation, can and will be, the critical fuel for your business success.

In preparing this content, I searched the word ‘motivation’ on Google. My search returned almost 56 million hits.

Obviously many people have a lot to say on the topic.

Of the quotes that I scanned, one that I really like is by Zig Ziglar, the motivation and sales guru:

“Motivation is the fuel, necessary to keep the human engine running.”

That idea makes a great deal of sense to me.

Think of a child learning to walk. The motivation to get something or somewhere is usually what leads to taking those first baby steps.

It is after all, motivation that helps us keep going despite the problems and obstacles that continue to pop up as we work to succeed in our businesses.

In fact, it’s fair to say that motivation really is the fuel for your business success.


Success beyond work means achieving personal goals in addition to work-related goals.

For most of us, working is what we do in order to live the lives we choose. In other words, by working, we can acquire or develop the resources that we need to achieve our personal, non-work related goals.

Thus our work is a means to an end…not an end in itself.

Success at our work is a step…albeit a very important step…towards our ultimate success in life.

People who succeed at work or in their business by achieving desired work-related results.

By the same token, success in life…or success beyond work…is measured by achieving desired personal results.

Three key factors contribute to your success beyond work:

  • setting and achieving personal goals
  • effective work-time management
  • aligning your business and personal goals


The 3 traits for success are

  1. commitment
  2. tenacity
  3. willingness to learn from others

Traits for Success

Generally speaking, a trait for success is at personal characteristic that helps individuals achieve their goals…or succeed.

Like other success tips, our traits for success help us achieve our goals.

Among the many factors, guidelines and principles that contribute in one way or another to achieving our desired results, 3 traits for success stand above all others

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