Social Media: The Game-Changer For Professional Service Marketing

March 25, 2012

Without a doubt, social media has changed the way Internet-savvy people interact with each other.

Like-minded service professionals can connect on LinkedIn and exchange useful information.

Facebook offers a fast and easy vehicle for sharing our ideas, insights and observations.

Using Twitter, we can quickly post short instant updates on what we are doing or thinking.

YouTube offers the opportunity to present a shortened online version of your latest workshop or training event.

These social media applications … and countless others … share one significant characteristic: they all help us connect with other people.

Offering new ways of connecting with others, social media also represent exciting new potential for professional service marketing.

Marketing is all about attracting new clients … or repeat business from existing clients.

The key to successfully attracting new clients is to connect effectively with the sources of new business: existing clients, potential clients and referral sources.

Social media marketing enables us to connect with more of these sources … faster …. easier … and less expensively than ever before.

To learn how social media marketing connectors compare with their conventional offline marketing and Internet marketing counterparts, see Marketing Connectors.


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