Social Media Really Is Social…And It’s Also A Great Marketing Tool!

April 2, 2012

Last Saturday (March 31, 2012), I conducted a social media marketing workshop in Granada, Nicaragua.

Social Media Marketing

I didn’t go to Granada to conduct the workshop; I chose to winter in one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. Soon after I arrived, the idea of marketing training arose in a conversation with other foreigners. It was this idea that ultimately led to the social media marketing workshop.

The mix of participants could not have been better if I had planned it. The key factor was that of the 5 participants, 2 had a lot of social media experience, mostly with Facebook and 2 had no social media experience. The fifth person has tons of business experience…but limited experience with social media.

As a workshop leader, I consider my role as that of a facilitator. I try to make it easy for participants to learn from their own experience and the experience of others.

This approach worked perfectly in Saturday’s workshop.

Learning From Experience

By drawing on their social media experience, the more experienced participants offered comments and responses that helped less experienced participants learn some some social media basics.

Similarly, by drawing on her experience, the experienced business person helped all of us clarify social media as a marketing tool.

And by simply asking their questions, the less experienced participants were the catalyst for the rest of us to to tap into our memories and articulate something we may have forgotten that we knew. Not only did we feel good about knowing more than we thought we did, we realized that we had even more experience upon which we could develop new marketing applications.

As for the less experienced participants, they are now more comfortable with the idea of social media marketing and ready to take the plunge.

Common Desires

At the beginning of the workshop, the only common desire was to learn more about social media marketing.

Very soon another common desire arose. All participants whether Nicaraguan, American or Canadian loves Nicaragua and wants to promote its benefits. As a visitor, I share their love of this beautiful country. (If you have not yet visited Nicaragua … plan to make the trip and enjoy meeting some wonderful people.) This happy and unexpected development helped bring the group together.

As the workshop ended, contact information was exchanged with participants agreeing to keep in touch and help each other.

Although a live, in-person event, the workshop produced results similar to what can be expected from social media marketing. Like social media, the workshop was about connecting with other people and exchanging beneficial information.

When we exchange information for others, we also build relationships with these people.

From the perspective of marketing, good relationships invariably lead to more and better clients.

Social media is one of the best tools available to help build more and better relationships, with like-minded people, which in turn will generate the new business that you want…and deserve.


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