Delegate…Or Do Whatever It Takes

April 10, 2012

After almost three months in Nicaragua, I am back at home base.

Although primarily intended to avoid the worst of winter, the 3-month stint was a rich and unexpected learning experience.

Computer Trouble-Shooting

Strange as it sounds, one of my best learning experiences was in the area of computer trouble-shooting.

In Nicaragua, Internet service was reasonably reliable. But occasionally there was a computer problem of one kind or another. Given the limited computer resources in the country, my best option was to try to figure out the problem and fix it on my own.

Happily, I was able to get things sorted out and get on with my work. One on occasion, I was the designated computer technician in the hotel. Strange but true.

Turned out that this experience in Nicaragua was good training for my return home. I spent most of yesterday trouble-shooting a series of problems with the wireless network at home. Not exactly what I had in mind for my first day back.


I consider myself more a content provider than a techie. But successfully trouble-shooting several computer issues sure gave my ego a boost.

Motivational and efficiency experts alike tell us to focus on what we do best … and delegate the rest. That is sound advice that when followed will surely help lead to success.

But realistically, for those of us who work alone, whether at home or in a distant warm climate, do not always always have the delegation option readily available. In many cases, we ourselves must do whatever it takes to trouble-shoot a problem so we can and get on with what we do best.

It’s times like those that I am grateful for the resourcefulness that helped solve the computer issues in Nicaragua … and here at home.

Now I can get on with the work that I enjoy most and do best…producing content.


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