Instant Results From Social Media Marketing

April 19, 2012

As part of implementing my social media marketing plan, I am increasing my online audience.

In preparation for this process, I have updated my LinkedIn profile.

Number 1

With 4 social media applications, a website and blog, updating my profile is a common and generally unwelcome process.

Although I remain proud of my achievements and experience, I really don`t enjoy continuously putting a new spin on what seems like the same old, same old to me.

Happily, this time around, near instant feedback told me that I was on the right track.

As you are no doubt aware, LinkedIn offers search capability comparable to Google. When I searched the keyword that best describes my market niche…professional service marketing…I was delighted to see my profile as Number 1 of 847,076 results. Sweet!

With my new profile in place, the next step was to invite my email contacts who were not yet LinkedIn connections to become part of my network. To this point 66 contacts have accepted my invitation.

The Best Part

After accepting my invitation, one of these contacts referred me to a fascinating YouTube video.

And another person wanted to discuss a couple of consulting engagements in which he thought I could help.

It`s always gratifying to see a plan generating its intended results.

The intended results from social media marketing include

  1. increasing my online profile
  2. accessing useful information and
  3. attracting new business opportunities.

So far so good…now I just have to continue to trust the process and stay the course.

On another note, check out my new LinkedIn profile:

At the very least, it is an example of a profile that LinkedIn considers 100% complete.

And if you like what you see…feel free to add me to your network. I will accept your invitation so we can exchange useful information.


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