Friends Helping Friends Help Others

April 23, 2012

Whether online or offline, most people have friends who help others by skillfully applying their professional services.

Helping Others

Personally, I have used my professional training and experience to help others for my entire career. It’s been a joy…I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

From my experience, most other service professionals also love using their training and experience to help others solve problems or otherwise bring about changes in their lives. And like anyone who loves what they do, they are very good at it.

On the other hand, few service professionals enjoy marketing; and fewer still are good at it.

At this stage of my career, my focus is applying my experience to help service providers with their marketing.

One component of this service area is an marketing performance assessment. This online assessment is free to any and all service professionals.

In a nutshell, the assessment will help service professionals evaluate the overall effectiveness of their marketing. This will help them identify opportunities for improvement, which in turn will help them attract more of their ideal clients.

The assessment can be found here: Marketing Performance Assessment.

Help Wanted

But I need the help of friends like you, to tell your professional friends about the assessment.

By telling your professional friends about the assessment, you are helping them…and that’s what friends do for each other. Specifically, you are helping them by offering them the opportunity to improve their marketing.

By improving their marketing their marketing, they can attract more clients…whom they can help with their professional service.

So there it is. This post is about me helping my friends (people like you) help their friends (service professionals) help others (new clients).

Telling your friends about the assessment is really easy:

  • tell your professional friends about this post by sending them this short link:
  • on Twitter, retweet this post
  • on Facebook, like this post
  • on LinkedIn, share this post

Thank you in advance for your helping me help your other friends. I appreciate it.


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