Do You Want More Clients … And/Or A Healthier Body?

April 30, 2012

I do.

As a personal spring tune-up I have set 2 goals to be achieved by June 30, 2012:

  1. To attract 5 or more new clients;
  2. To lose 1 inch or more, off my waist.

I have a plan to achieve each of these goals.

However, from my experience I know that in dealing with challenges like this, it’s much easier with the support of others.

As confident as I am about achieving these goals, I’d like your help in achieving them.

Join The KISS Challenge

Here’s what I have in mind.

If like me, you would like either or both of more more clients and a healthier body, please join me in The KISS Challenge, Spring 2012. (For clarification, KISS stands for Keep It Short & Simple)

Consistent with the philosophy of keeping it short & simple, here is how you join.

  1. Go to the Facebook page that I have created.
  2. Post 1 business goal and 1 personal goal that you want to achieve before June 30, 2012.
  3. Starting next week, make at least 1 weekly post reporting on your progress. Ideally your post will include any or all of your feelings, insights, observations, questions and concerns.

Support The KISS Challenge

If you are not interested in joining the challenge, that’s fine.

I, and other participants, would appreciate your support. Here’s how you can be supportive:

  • recognize individual achievements
  • offer helpful and factual information
  • spread the word of the challenge, by liking and sharing the Facebook
  • anything else that you can do to help participants achieve their goals.

And now the big question is how are we going to celebrate our achievements on July 1.









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