A Free Offer With Exceptional Value

May 3, 2012

Over the past week or so, I have been wondering about the value of the freebies promoted through social media such as LinkedIn and Facebook. Actually that very question was posed in a LinkedIn group of which I am a member.

Freebies As Marketing Tools

In social media marketing, givers get more than takers. Certainly by giving away free information, webinars, teleconferences, e-books or whatever, online marketers are positioning themselves to attract more clients,

From a marketing perspective, there are two main reasons for offering freebies:

  1. the freebies offer a sample of the product or service that the business provides. Hopefully, once prospective clients have tried and enjoyed the free sample, they will want to come back for more…and be willing to pay for the product or service.
  2. the business is offering the freebie in return for our email addresses, so they can add our names to their email list.

Both reasons are legitimate and acceptable.

The Problems With Freebies

There are however two problems with freebies that are widely promoted on social media.

First they usually offer little or no value.

How much time have we wasted on resources that over-stated the obvious and told us what we already knew?

The second problem is that the promotional material usually offers little clarification about who will benefit most from the freebie. It’s almost as if all we need to know is the we can get something for free, regardless of whether or not we need or can use it.

Exceptional Value

On the other hand, I really like it when a business offers a freebie that has real value.

In today’s online world, what has more value than the free-website giveaway  offered by the social marketing mavens.

Clearly this offer is appealing to businesses that do not yet have a website…and also to businesses that need a new website.

What’s even more appealing about this offer is that it’s not simply a digital product like an e-book delivered by auto-responder. Nor is it a standardized one-size-fits-all webinar or teleconference delivered to isolated participants sitting alone in front of their computers.

The websites will be customized one-of-a-kind, developed to reflect the needs of individual businesses.

To develop these websites, the people at social marketing mavens will use their revenue-producing resources to help others…at no cost to the end users.

In terms of adding value to free offers, it’s hard to beat value like that.

If there is a problem with this offer, it is that the offer was not available earlier this year when I needed a new website.

That issue aside check out the offer. If you need a website, go for it.

Even if you don’t need a website, it’s a good example of making a free offer that includes exceptional value to the user.

Congratulations to the folks at Social Marketing Mavens…all free offers should offer such high  value.


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