The 2nd Biggest Challenge of Marketing Professional Services

May 7, 2012

Professional services are probably the hardest salable product or service to promote and market.

I know about the challenges involved with marketing professional services…I’ve been doing it for my entire career.

From Guru To Business Owner

The first challenge…and it’s huge…is making the transition from our guru status to pragmatic business owner.

As professionals, many of us like to think we are above business concerns. We are all experts in our fields and lay people will willingly come to us for our sage wisdom and advice.

Nice thought ..but not true.

The next challenge is trying to get a handle on what marketing is all about. Originally marketing was about promoting tangible consumer goods.

Part Of The Problem

Over the years, marketing has grown to include virtually everything from standard household items to mandatory government programs and services.

Not surprisingly, with the growth of marketing service areas came a corresponding growth in the nature and number of people who had opinions on marketing.

Sure marketing is an important business function. And yes, most business people need help with their marketing. But realistically, there are just too doggone many of us pitching our ideas and services at poor unsuspecting business owners.

Like it or not my fine learned marketing friends, we are more part of the marketing problem than we are part of the marketing solution.

In fact, I would go so far as to suggest that as a group, we ‘marketing experts’ (including me) constitute the second biggest challenge of marketing most goods and services.

It’s Not Pretty

There so many of us, offering so much marketing information and advice that most business owners (again including me) are totally confused. Our spoken and written words serve as a perfect example of information overload.

From my experience, this confusion is particularly true of professional service marketing.

This is hardly a pretty thing to say about our work as learned marketing gurus. But alas…the brutal truth seldom is a thing of beauty.


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