The Biggest Challenge of Marketing Professional Services

May 9, 2012

Professional services are not standardized mass-produced items.

Nor are they objective scientific processes that will generate identical results each and every time they are applied.

Professional Services Are Unique

The services that you…I …and all other professionals deliver are unique, each and every time we serve individual clients.

And therein lies the biggest challenge for every one involved in professional service marketing whether service professionals themselves…or those of us who help professionals market their services.

There is no one-size-fits-all marketing solution for all service professionals, let alone for those of us who provide services virtually identical to those of our competitors.

In offering our assistance to potential clients, we offer our own unique combination of personality, skills and resources. Hopefully our ideal clients will recognize something in this combination that will be of genuine value to them.

In serving our clients, we draw upon whatever is available to help satisfy them. In some cases, it might be our reassuring personalities. In others it might be something from our professional training and experience. And in still others, it might be a referral to one of our network contacts.

In an ideal world, once we had satisfied a client with our service, we could duplicate the service to satisfy other similar clients. Having documented our steps in serving the client, would give the process a fancy name and archive it for future use with another client.

Similar In Nature, Different In Scope

Unfortunately, we don’t live in an ideal world.

Future clients might need some of the same kinds of services that we just completed. Or maybe they need something similar in nature but different in scope.

Realistically, seemingly similar clients can and usually do have different needs, wants and expectations.

From a marketing perspective, how can we help individual prospects understand that our professional services can and help them satisfy their needs?

In other words, how do we successfully meet the biggest challenge of marketing professional services?


4 Responses to “The Biggest Challenge of Marketing Professional Services”

  1. Hassle Free Marketing Solutions Says:

    I have found that alot of business owners especially small and micro businesses know what it is that they do really well but do not understand even the basics of marketing. They may make up some fliers even a yellow pages ad or maybe a radio ad but beyond that they do nothing and do not know where the few clients they have come from.
    I find that business owners need to be shown what their target market is and how they can effective reach that market for little or know out lay thus increasing there ROI.
    All marketing must be targeted otherwise you are simply wasting your time and often alot of money.

    • Larry Easto Says:

      Totally agree.

      Far too many resources in the form of time, money and energy is wasted in random acts of marketing.

      These resources would be better used in identifying the target market and developing appropriate strategies to communicate with this market.

      Thanks for your comment.


    The biggest challenge is to tune the mind-set of the prospective clients. Most of the people can only see the value in the tangible outcomes and fail to recognize the long term benefits of the non-tangible outcomes.

  3. Larry Easto Says:

    Whatever the service we provide to clients, it is best if it helps them move towards their long term goals.

    When we connect the current service to the client’s longer term goals, we are also letting them know that we will be there to help them along the way. It’s a great way to build long-term relationships with clients.

    Good comment…thanks.

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