Who Really Likes Clients?

May 17, 2012

I once had a lawyer friend who used to say that he loved practising law…it was clients that he didn’t like.

Certainly as a practising lawyer, I had my share of clients I didn’t like. After a particularly frustrating experience with one particular client, I decided that I did not want to deal with anyone like her…ever again!

This led to the insight of how to balance individuals’ right to counsel with my own right to peace of mind.

Agreeing that everyone had a right to have a lawyer, I added the disclaimer that the lawyer didn’t have to be me.

I started to decline accepting as clients people I didn’t think I’d like.

Having spent the past couple of weeks immersed in social media posts, I am reminded of my lawyer friend’s comments… and my own experience …of not liking clients.

Engaging Relationships

Social media applications like Facebook and LinkedIn offer businesses the opportunity to connect directly with potential clients.

In effect, this means we can use our social media resources to listen to what prospective clients are saying and engage them in conversations. By engaging prospective clients in conversation, we develop relationships that can ultimately lead to these people becoming revenue-producing clients.

Remember …if people like us, they might do business with us; if they don’t, they won’t.

If ever there was an excellent vehicle for showcasing our likeability…its social media.

The True Value of Social Media

Unfortunately, too many businesses miss the true value of social media marketing.

Instead of making mutually beneficial connections, these businesses use social media marketing to continue the same old annoying…and largely ineffective…promotional techniques.

They promote how good they and their services are …or at least think they are.

Frequently, they shout the same thing…over …and over..and over again.

Ignoring the needs, wants and interests of perspective clients, their posts are little more than self-serving promotional pitches.

Regardless of the actual words used, the message is the same: I don’t care about you. I only care about you buying from me.

Actions speak louder than words. Many social media posts send the message that the posting businesses neither understand nor particularly like their prospective clients.

If People Like Us…

Certainly these businesses have the right to post whatever messages they choose, provided of course that their posts comply with terms and conditions of whatever social media they use.

However, as consumers we all have the right to ignore posts…and the businesses … we don’t like.

The moral of this post?

If people like us, they might do business with us; if they don’t, they won’t.


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