Professional Services Are Usually Irrelevant

May 23, 2012

Let’s face it: most clients do not really want our professional services.

When is the last time you heard a client say “Wow! I really want to buy some new coaching service.”? Or, “it’s been a great month. Now I’ll go out and get some of those consulting services that I’ve always wanted.”?

Clients Don’t Want Professional Services

Realistically, clients don’t want professional services until they need them. And even then, most clients don’t actually want the services…they want whatever benefits that the services produce.

As a result, professional services are usually irrelevant until prospective clients need them. It’s then that they become relevant. In many cases, not only do prospective clients consider professional services as relevant, they want and need them as soon as possible.

What an incredible challenge for marketing professional services. Most of the time, prospective clients are likely to ignore our services, because they neither want them nor need them. But then when our services are no longer considered irrelevant, the need for them frequently becomes urgent.

Promoting Your Services

The conventional marketing response to this challenge has been to constantly promote specific goods and services. Ideally, this approach helps maintain a presence in the market.

Theoretically, this market presence will help prospective clients remember you, so that when they do need your services. Maybe…but probably not.

It has been estimated that at any given time, 3% of the market is ready to buying specific goods or services. It just doesn’t make sense to me that having been ignored by 97% of the market, your promotional activities will suddenly become relevant to the magic 3% of the market that is ready to buy.

And even when this magic 3% is ready to buy and starts paying attention to relevant promotion, these prospective clients have many options from which to choose.

To me this seems like a lot of resource going into promotional activities that do little more than position the business as one of many options.

Building Relationships

Instead of conventional promotional activities, developing relationships with prospective clients is a better approach for marketing professional services.

As you develop relationships with these people, you can share your knowledge, your network connections and when appropriate, your compassion.

These relationships will help you become relevant in prospects’ minds.

And from a marketing perspective, here’s the best part: when your prospects, or other people they know, need the kind of services that you provide…you are their best and only choice.


One Response to “Professional Services Are Usually Irrelevant”

  1. Great marketing advise.

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