Will You Help With My New Book, Please?

July 9, 2012

I am well into the development of my latest book, which is about marketing professional services.

I’ve have lost track of how many book-like projects I’ve been involved in. However, there have been seven books printed carrying my name as author. These books were published in the period 1993 to 2000. It’s about time I did another one.

At this point, the content for my new book is about 60% complete. For the most part, I prepared this material for client training projects but retained ownership of the copyright.

I am currently consolidating and formatting this material into a book manuscript…and would like your help in improving the manuscript.

Here is what I have in mind for the manuscript and how I’d like you to help.

Comprehensive, Concise and Collaborative

I want the book to be as comprehensive concise and collaborative as possible.

Being comprehensive, the book will serve as a marketing resource for virtually all service professionals. It will help newbies get started on marketing their services, provide a foundation of basic marketing essentials for those among us undertaking social media marketing. And it will be a social media marketing guide for people who understand the basics of marketing professional services.

It will be concise because few of us have the time and desire to plow through excessively wordy writing.

Essentially the book will represent the best of my experience and the experience of professionals in marketing professional services. With your help and the help of other people like you, we can collaborate on creating the best possible marketing book for service professionals.

The Collaborative Process

Drawing on my resources, I will prepare the first draft of each chapter.

I have now prepared the first drafts of four chapters. By about the middle of September, I will have prepared the first drafts of another 15 chapters.

Once I have completed the draft of a chapter, I will post it on my website.

Then, your collaborative role begins. Drawing upon your experience, offer your suggestions on how the draft content can be improved.

One of the best improvements to any piece of writing is to add stories. Tell me your stories and let’s see how we can make them fit into the book.

Now that I have launched the process, I invite you to join in.

Check out the table of contents, which will link you to the first drafts that I have prepared. And then…help me improve the content.


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