The More Thing Change, The More They Stay The Same

July 10, 2012

Although you would never know it from surfing the net, marketing is more than pitching.

Generally speaking, marketing includes everything we do to generate more business for our businesses.

With specific reference to professional services, marketing is about attracting more ideal clients–the kinds of people we love to serve.

This process is based largely on establishing and maintaining relationships with potential clients. As well as helping potential clients get to know and like us as people, these relationships also help prospects learn how our professional services can satisfy them.

Whether offline, as I did when starting my law practice, or online as many of us do today, these relationships start with a connection.

In the technological dark age, personal contact was our best and only choice for connecting with others. Now, thanks to technological developments, a full range of electronic options has been added to basic personal contact as ways of connecting with others.

Internet-based options for connecting include websites, email, blogging and a growing variety of social media applications.



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