Your Website Is Your Online Office

July 11, 2012

For many people, their office is where they do their work.

However, for service professionals, an office is much more than just a workplace.

It’s where they meet clients and exchange the information necessary to help clients. In many cases it’s also where clients actually receive services.

Prospects, clients and contacts alike call the office to gather information on one thing or another. This information could range from general outlines of different service areas, to specific details of individual service engagements. Service professionals’ offices also provide a wide range of information related to their service areas.

The office can also provide information about availability for appointments and referrals to other service providers and businesses. It also serves as a store for professionals who provide products such as books, CD s that supplement their service.

These functions can be performed as easily, if not better, by a properly designed website as they can in a physical office staffed by real people.

If you really enjoy playing with technology, you can undertake the website design and maintenance yourself, using free or nearly free resources. But this work is largely invisible to visitors and potential clients and has limited marketing payoff for you.

A much better approach would be to limit your website involvement to doing what you do best…help visitors learn more about your professional services. Assign the development and ongoing maintenance to some one who knows as much about websites as you know about the professional service that you deliver.

To learn more, see A Website, Email & Blogging.



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