The Key Ingredient Of Your Service Is Not Professional

July 30, 2012

Clients want and deserve quality service…whatever that may be.

Over the years, too many people have written and spoken too many words about quality service.

Many of these words have tried to define quality.

Despite the best intentions of these writers and speakers have been, their efforts have achieved little more than complicate a very simple issue.

What is quality?

Quality is what your clients say it is …nothing more, nothing less.

Despite everything that has been written and spoken about quality. there are 2 fundamental elements of quality service:

  1. meeting your clients’ needs and wants
  2. meeting…or preferably exceeding….clients’ expectations

The quality of your service is so important to your ultimate success, that it should be reflected in every thing you do, especially your personal brand and marketing communications, both offline and online.

Quality service is like safe driving. Everyone knows how important it is. Most of us believe that we drive safely. However, even the shortest of drives, whether on the highway or city streets, provides enough evidence to conclude that too many people practice unsafe driving practices.

Similarly, all service professionals know, or should know, the importance of quality service; and most claim to serve their clients well.

In reality, however, continuing client complaints suggest that many service professionals do little more than talk the quality talk.

To learn more about quality service, click here.


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