Quality Service Is Timely

July 31, 2012

Technological advances have moved us to the age of instant gratification.

Email and mobile communications allow us to communicate instantly with others. We have all come to expect and receive instant gratification to our needs and wants.

The same desire for instant gratification has spilled over into the area of service delivery.

Though computer technology and the Internet, clients have instant access to a staggering array of information and services: instant access is the norm. This creates intense pressure on people like us who provide professional services.

Telephone calls and email messages must be returned promptly; appointments must be scheduled and kept sooner rather than later.

Like quality service, timeliness of service is defined by individual clients. Make sure that you and each client have a common understanding of what constitutes timely service.

Improving the timeliness of your service is an ideal way to add quality.

To learn more about quality service, click here.


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