Please Share Your Professional Marketing Success Stories

August 6, 2012

I’d like to include them in my new book about marketing professional services.

By sharing your stories, you create a short but effective win-win-win scenario.

You will win by your good experience even better. The best way to improve good experiences is to share them with others.

As service professionals, we are on the business of helping others…and know how good it feels when others benefit from our help. So by sharing your stories and helping others you can feel even better about your marketing success.

Readers of the book will win, by learning from your experience.

And I will win by including some gaining some great real life experience to my book.

Sharing your story is really fast and simple. Go to the table of contents  and check out any or all of the 14 draft chapters posted to date on my website.

At the end of each of these 14 chapters, there is information about how to share your stories.

I’m sure that you have some great marketing success stories…I look forward to reading them.



Feel free to forward this request to your connections and network contacts. Help them become part of the win-win-win scenario.

Please Share Your Marketing Success Stories


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