The Marketing Payoff of Qualifying Clients

August 17, 2012

Compatibility with clients is a key element to developing and maintaining and effective relationship with them.

By sharing common values with your clients, you can truly understand their needs and wants. And by understanding these needs and wants and fully appreciate what it will take to satisfy your clients.

As part of launching any marketing initiative, clarify the kinds of clients that you want to attract and serve.

Start this clarification process with identifying those things that you value.

Once you have identified your own values, you will be in a better position to attract and serve people with who you share common values.

Qualifying clients is more than a single step in an individual transaction.

Properly handled, the process of qualifying clients can make a valuable contribution to your overall marketing plan.

It is part of the process that helps sustain the flow through your client pipeline.

Even clients’ failure to qualify offers marketing payoffs.

If prospects do not qualify—for whatever reason—it does not mean that they will never qualify.

With their permission, treat them like clients and keep in touch with them.

When they do qualify, they will probably come back to you. And if they liked the service that you provided to them, they might refer other people to you.

To learn more about the best clients for your professional services, click here.


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