Social Media Listening Posts For Monitoring Your Market

August 22, 2012

Among its many benefits, social media serve as excellent listening posts for monitoring the online conversations of your market.

Unfortunately too many business people use social media for pitching their products and telling the world what they think. Few social media users appreciate the potential of social media as a window on their market.

There are two main ways in which you can use social media as a listening post.

One is to monitor discussions that relate to your professional services and target market. Don’t worry about what appears to be an overwhelming volume of discussions and comments. It won’t take long to realize that most of this online discussion is little more than banal drivel. The gems of wisdom will invariably burble to the top.

Second, you can start new conversations and pay close attention to whatever responses you get. You can learn a lot about how others respond to your input.

Once you have learned what your market is saying, your online conversations will help you build the kinds of relationships that will lead to new business. Adding value will help develop and enhance these relationships.

But first, you must listen to what the market is telling you.

To learn more about listening to your market, click here.


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