What Are Your Clients Looking For?

August 30, 2012

Our competence comes into play when we actually start to deliver the professional services that clients are looking for.

What are your clients looking for?

At one level, certainly they are looking for the professional service that best satisfies their current needs and wants. Ideally this service will help them become happier, healthier or wealthier.

Whatever clients are seeking, they are also looking for value, both in your professional services and how you serve them as individuals.

Core Service

This is what clients say they are looking for.

However, this service alone, never really meets their needs. It’s the intangible service that customers are prepared to purchase to satisfy their basic needs and wants.

For example, when a client tells me that he wants more clients, he is not likely expecting me to simply give him a list of people whom he can immediately start to serve.

Realistically, he expecting more.

Expected Service

This represents the benefits that customers expect to receive from hiring service professionals.

It’s the resolution of a problem, which would include feeling good about themselves and their lives. Once the client hires me, he expects me to help him identify and overcome whatever obstacles prevent him from attracting the kind and number of clients he wants

The expected services are a combination analyzing a problem, developing a solution and helping empower the client to take the appropriate action. It also includes elements of stress reduction and helping the client feel good about himself and his business.

The true value for clients is receiving the services that they expect.

Memorable Service

In today’s marketplace with its challenging economic conditions, it is no longer enough to satisfy clients’ expectations.

Driven by fast-paced technological innovation, consumers and clients alike increasingly want more…and they want it sooner.

The best and only response to this new reality is to exceed clients’ expectations at every turn.

Continue to under-promise and over-deliver.

By surprising clients with memorable service, you will enhance your existing relationships with them. Not only will these enhanced relationships help bring clients back to you for more service, they will help encourage clients to recommend you to other people who will benefit from your service.

To learn more, see Trust-Based Client Connections.


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