Upgrading Services Delivers More Value; Downsizing Build Relationships

September 6, 2012

Upgrading Services Gives You And Your Clients More

Upgrading services is a very easy and effective technique. If you offer every client a better or added deal right at the point of sale—like more value or an advantageous price…or a package of services in addition to the one the client is buying—30% to 40% of the customers you offer it to will say ‘yes’. This simple technique could double your profit and quadruple your cash flow effortlessly.

Yet few people utilize it. It’s probably the easiest, most effective way to increase the size and profit of providing service.

As long as the add-on service is a legitimate value, with definite appeal and high-perceived value and the offer is alluring, you can apply the upgrading add-on/up-sell technique. Be certain you develop a compelling, believable reason why you are offering the add-on or up-sell so the offer has credibility.

Downsizing Services Helps Build Relationships

Frequently potentially ideal clients choose not to accept our help even though it appears that our services are a perfect match for the help they are seeking. In many cases, the prospects’ reasons are genuine. Perhaps they can’t afford to make the purchase or maybe they are reluctant to make a long-term commitment.

Simply abandoning these potential clients may well eliminate the possibility of their buying in the future should their circumstances change.

A better approach would be to downsize our services and offer something that is less expensive or requires a smaller commitment.

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