Isn’t It Time For More And Better Clients?

September 28, 2012

Isn’t it time that you attracted more ideal clients…the kinds of people you just love to work with?

It’s not really all that hard.

Like most service professionals today, you have probably been working hard at what you’ve always done. And as a result, you continue to get the results that you’ve always gotten.

Maybe you have been acting like the cobbler who did more and better work for his customers than for his family. For people like us, this means delivering more professional work for our clients than for ourselves.

Perhaps you have been so involved in advising others that you haven’t been able to follow your own advice. This is the ‘Do as I say not as I do’ syndrome.

Or maybe some niggling little habits prevent you from attracting more of the kinds of clients you love to serve.

Regardless of what obstacles you face in attracting more and better clients, the chance are good to excellent that you have created these obstacles yourself. And since you are the creator of these obstacles, you can uncreate, delete and destroy them. You really can.

Start with assessing your current marketing performance.

What small elements of your marketing can be change to make a big difference in your results?


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