Martha’s Marketing Muddle: A Case Study

October 9, 2012

Martha’s flow of new business has stalled to the point that it’s barely a trickle.

She was so busy doing other things that she barely noticed that fewer people were coming to her for help. It was when she reviewed last month’s financial statement that realized how serious her marketing mess really was.

When I asked what she considered to be the major challenge to marketing her professional services, Martha simply said: “I need more clients!

I suggested we start with a marketing performance assessment to help identify specific strengths upon which we could revitalize her professional service marketing.

Since experience is best when shared with others, I will share Martha’s marketing revitalization with you by means of this blog. To ensure confidentiality I have changed her name and will also modify any specific details that will identify her and where she runs her business.

Martha has completed the assessment. Tomorrow, I will start discussing the results.

If you would like more clients, you are more than welcome to work through the process with us. Feel free to your own situation any suggestions that I offer to Martha. Simply complete the complete this free marketing performance assessment before you read tomorrow’s blog post. You can complete this assessment in less than 15 minutes.

And to expand the circle of experience even further, you are also welcome to post your own questions, insights and observations in the comment box below.

Welcome to the new business train….all aboard!

* * * *

To complete your own marketing performance assessment, click here.

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