Case Study (Part 2) : The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

October 10, 2012

Like many service professionals, Martha’s marketing performance assessment is a mixture of factors that are good, bad and just plain ugly.

One good features are that she has continued to operate her business for 14 years. During this time, she has developed a track record of serving clients and connecting with like-minded business contacts. She also has a data base of almost 500 contacts.

From the bad feature column, she reports that she keeps in touch with with these contacts and past clients ‘once in a while’. Apart from seldom used Facebook and LinkedIn accounts, social media does not play a role in her marketing.

That’s a problem: it seriously limits her ability to generate repeat business from satisfied clients and referrals from contacts and past clients alike. It also prevents her from connecting with that huge portion of the market that uses social media to start the search for professional services.

The really ugly factor is that Martha seems to have lost touch with her market and her clients. The assessment includes questions about clients’ needs,wants and expectations, as well as market conditions such as competitors and shifting market conditions. Consistently her answers to these questions were either to repeat marketing copy or simply, ‘I don’t know’.

Martha’s major marketing challenge is to reconnect with her market and her clients, probably making more effective use of social media.

At a deeper level, it seems to me that Martha has lost interest in her business. If this is in fact the case, the biggest issue to address is how serious she is about investing resources in re-energizing the business.

Fortunately, we have a coaching session scheduled for tomorrow. At that time, I will initiate discussion to help assess her current level of interest in her business.

Based on my summary of Martha’s situation, what questions would you want to ask her?

Post your questions in the comment box below and I’ll try to work them into the conversation.

* * * *

To complete your own marketing performance assessment, click here.


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