Case Study (Part 4): The Curse Of Being Multi-Talented

October 12, 2012

Like many of us who are self-employed, Martha is an individual with many talents.

This characteristic became obvious in yesterday’s 15-minute laser coaching session with Martha.

It helps explain her lack of focus in terms of target market and the services that she delivers. It also helps clarify why her client pipeline is running dry.

Martha started her business in response to requests for friends who were having problems with their small businesses. At the time her skill set included such functions as ‘brainstorming, decision-making, planning projects, office systems’ so she applied these tools to help her friends. Happily, as a result of her assistance, Martha’s friends resolved their problems. Encouraged by her friends, she started her own business, offering the same kinds of services that had helped these friends.

As a result of referrals from friends and friends of friends, she was able to build a sustainable flow of new business.

Along with the sustainable flow of new business, two new trends developed. The work that was initially challenging and engaging for Martha became more routine and started to lose its appeal.

And second, her clients and friends suggested that she start training sessions and write a book to showcase her skills. Since she loved writing and public speaking, Martha did both…and then more of both. After a few years of writing books conducting training workshops and accepting whatever speaking engagement came along (mostly without getting paid), she noticed that her flow of new clients had virtually disappeared.

I have asked Martha to reflect on one question for next week’s session. What do you think that question is?

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