Case Study (Part 6): The Biggest Obstacle To Success

October 16, 2012

Are you the biggest obstacle to your success?

While Martha considers the question of what success looks like for her business, let’s consider her own contribution to her lack of success.

In an ideal world, people like Martha, you and I, would set our goals which reflect the results that we really want to achieve. And then we would take the appropriate actions and bring about our desired outcomes.

However, we do not live in an ideal world. Running a business is seldom that straight forward.

As service professionals, we face never-ending demands upon our time and resources. It’s not in the least bit surprising that like Martha, we find ourselves pursuing new opportunities instead of maintaining a clear focus on our goals.

In many cases, staying the course represents a huge challenge; pursuing new opportunities offers a path of least resistance.

Based on her marketing performance assessment, Martha pursued new and challenging opportunities whenever her normal business activities hit a speed bump.

Personally, I now realize that I devoted more time and energy to maintaining the Status Quo (in a mistaken attempt to satisfy others) than to pursuing my own goals.

It really doesn’t matter why we pursue new opportunities instead of our set goals: the result is the same. Like Martha, sooner or later the flow of new business slows and then stalls, forcing us to change our ways.

Once again, in an ideal world, as service professionals, we should be able to could identify and correct the problems ourselves.

But in the real world, we lack the necessary objectivity to accurately identify the problem. And even if we can identify the problem, it is likely that we lack the know-how, time and objectivity to correct it.

That’s why and when other professionals can be so helpful. They help us identify the obstacles to our success. Because these obstacles are so familiar to us, we seldom even notice them.

If we can’t identify what is standing in the way of our success…how can we possibly remove the obstacle?

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Complete your own marketing performance assessment.

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