Case Study (Part 10): Ideal Clients Engergize Us

October 22, 2012

You’ve gotta love working with clients who pay your fees on a timely basis and without complaint.

But what other factors of your relationship with ideal clients contribute to your loving to work with some…and absolutely hate working with others?

This was my rationale behind my question for Martha “who are the ideal clients to help you achieve the purpose of your business?”

Personally, I love working with clients who are radiators. They are those absolutely delightful individuals who generate, rather than drain, energy. They are positive, full of life and a real joy to be with.

These folks appreciate the value of my service. Because they themselves continue to grow and develop as individuals, their needs and wants continue to evolve. And because I love challenges, I love the challenges they bring to me.

In fact, I love working with radiators so much that sometimes I think of offering them a discount in recognition of the pleasure that I enjoy from working with them. But they would surely refuse the discount, because they recognize the value of my professional services and the benefits that come along with it.

I continue to be grateful for the significant contribution that these kinds of clients make to me and my business.

On the flip side, some clients are drains. Negative and complainers, these people suck the life and energy right out of me. It’s a struggle to politely interact with them, let alone pretend to enjoy the relationship. I have often felt like charging these people a ‘nuisance premium’ to offset the energy that they have drained. But I don’t want to listen to any more complaining.

Realistically, there is seldom a legal or moral requirement that we accept as clients. We can usually choose who to accept as clients and who to politely refer somewhere else.

All things considered, I eagerly accept radiators as clients. Life’s too short to choose drains that will inevitably lead to problems.

Martha’s marketing performance assessment suggests that she is willing to accept as clients anyone who can and hopefully will pay her fees. I’m curious to hear her criteria for ideal clients.

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One Response to “Case Study (Part 10): Ideal Clients Engergize Us”

  1. I enjoy working with clients who see the value in coaching and are highly motivated. They are my dream clients and energize me!!!

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