Generate New Business … ASAP!

November 2, 2012

Regardless of whether we lose an important client or decide to fire a problematic client, our challenge remains the same: generate new business to offset the loss in revenue.

In most cases, it’s important to get the cash flowing sooner rather than later.

The fastest and easiest way to generate new business is to deliver more existing services to existing clients.

Because existing clients have enjoyed the benefits of our service in the past, they know what value they can expect from a repeat purchase. Also, thanks to our relationship with our clients, they like us, trust us and recognize our competence.

As a result, we are well positioned to generate repeat business from existing clients.

There are two main ways to generate new business fast.

One approach would be to tactfully ask individual clients for repeat business.

For example: “Remember that planning we have been talking about doing? Well, I now have some time available, so this would be a good time to get started.”

The other approach would be to offer clients exceptional value on existing services.

As I suggested in response to Martha’s panic reaction to the loss of an important client a special promotion like can be very effective:

“November is an ideal time to start planning the 2013 fiscal year. Book your 2013 planning within 13 days and enjoy a discount of 20% on fees.”

Your thoughts?

When you need to generate new business fast…how do you make it happen?


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