To Create A Great Start To 2013…Start Clearing The Decks Now

November 5, 2012

Even the best of gifts come with a built-in curse.

Take for example creativity, a gift for which I remain totally and unconditionally grateful.

There are few things that I enjoy more than unleashing my creative energy on a new challenge. It seldom matters whether the issue is personal, professional or client-related, I tend to welcome all challenges.

Invariably it’s easier to respond to a new challenge than to stay the course with now boring tasks that were once new challenges. As a result, my collection of incomplete projects grows almost as quickly as does my list of new things to occupy my mind. And that’s the curse of creativity.

This situation was brought to light over the weekend when one of my new initiatives crashed sooner than expected.

My response was to think “oh well, no big deal..I’ve got lots of other things on the go.”

In considering the things located somewhere on my to-do list, I realized that not only should some of tasks be eliminated, others should never have even been started.

Whether of not we realize it, incomplete projects are serious drains on our creative and productive energy. Not good!

So…in order to clear the decks for 2013, I have decided to eliminate at least three client matters and to put an indefinite hold on the same number of business initiatives. As a result I will focus on my top two priorities for the rest of the year, without the energy drag of six incomplete projects.

Hopefully this will position me for nice clean start to 2013, which I plan to make my best year ever.

What incomplete projects of yours might be obstacles to making 2013 your best year ever?


4 Responses to “To Create A Great Start To 2013…Start Clearing The Decks Now”

  1. Larry – as another creative type, I completely live what you describe. I have lots of ideas and struggle with having too many balls in the air at once, because that’s what energizes me.

    Thanks for the reminder about stepping back and clearing the deck every now and again to focus.


  2. Todd Bonner Says:

    Believe it or not, Larry, I have been thinking a great deal about this subject over the past couple of months. Bound up in this discussion is the proverbial “shiny new thing” syndrome that dissipates focus and leaves most initiatives incomplete. I deal with this on a daily basis on personal and business fronts. It seems that creativity and easy distraction do go hand in hand, unfortunately.

    My takeaways from the article? (1) Follow your lead and focus in on two highest-yield social platforms for B2B while ignoring the 100 other possible platforms, and (2) put all remaining effort into developing consistent, authentic and valuable MEP Engineering related blog content to engage potential clients. If that’s all we “get done” in 2013, I believe we will be in good shape.

    Thanks Larry.


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