How The Financial Cliff Can Help Professional Service Marketing

November 13, 2012

Despite all the confusing rhetoric surrounding the so-called financial cliff, it may well represent a unique opportunity for marketing professional service.

That’s not to say that the conduct of the principal players in Washington is in any way positive or responsible. From my limited understanding of the situation, the impasse is based more on political issues than pure economic considerations.

Be that as it may, the reality is that individual service professionals cannot control either the discussions in Washington or the outcome of these discussions. What we can and should control is our response to the ultimate outcome, whatever that might be.

While it might appear difficult to plan an appropriate response when we do not yet know what the outcome will be, that need not be the case.

As is usually the case, the best approach is to keep things simple.

Like you and anyone else who is aware of the financial cliff and its potential consequences, our clients are probably concerned about about how they, and perhaps their businesses, might be affected by the outcome. What can you do to help address this concern?

Instead of joining the discussion of the impasse and most likely adding to the confusion, stick to what you do best: look after your clients.

Reassure them that whatever the outcome, you remain committed to assisting them in the same way you always have.

Clearly this will not resolve the fiscal cliff issue or even hep your clients ignore it. It will however help enhance your existing relationship with clients. Even better, in reminding clients how you have helped them in the past, your connecting with them might be the catalyst for repeat business or more referrals. You just never know.

For more information on connecting with clients see Keeping Connections Strong.



One Response to “How The Financial Cliff Can Help Professional Service Marketing”

  1. davidrfrick Says:

    I spent a couple summers working at a Boy Scout Camp, and welcomed any chance to get some time on one of our small sail boats. What fascinated me was in learning how to adjust the sails for various conditions and purposes. As long as the wind was blowing (regardless of direction), I could go anywhere on the lake.

    I have no doubt those in Washington will stop creating wind in my lifetime, so I simply choose my destination and use my knowledge and training to adjust my sails according to the wind I get.

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