Value For Value: A Solution To A Perplexing Marketing Problem

November 14, 2012

Do you, or some one you know, face the perplexing problem of wanting help with professional service marketing… but lack the cash flow to pay to for the help?

If so, you are not alone. Many outstanding service professionals occasionally face the temporary condition of cashlessness.

Maybe I can help resolve that perplexing marketing problem.

Like all businesses and self-employed professionals, I obviously need cash flow.

However, like all other businesses, I need and what other things as well. What do I need/want?

  • referrals
  • web design & upgrade
  • graphic design for my website
  • e-book design and formatting
  • new smart phone 🙂

With the exception of referrals, I can certainly exchange some of my fee-generated money for these things. But I can also also exchange the value of my coaching service for the value of other people’s goods and services. And that’s exactly what I am prepared to do, for a limited number of service professionals.

If you, or some one you know, believe that with my coaching help, you can attract more and perhaps better clients, I’d like help. And if you are facing the temporary condition of cashlessness, instead of exchanging value of cash, let’s exchange value for value.

If you know service professionals who might be ideal clients for me, in return for my coaching help, you might referral some of these clients to me.

Similarly, if you provide services or goods that I have listed, you could exchange appropriate goods or services in return for coaching help. It’s also possible that you could provide a different product or service that would help make me healthier, wealthier or wiser. That could work too.

The bottom line: temporary cashlessness need not be an obstacle to attracting new clients. I’m quite prepared to exchange value for value. What value can you being to the exchange?




To learn more about my coaching services, see: Coaching on Demand and Ongoing Coaching.


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