‘Stubborn, Willing Blindness’ in Marketing Professional Services

December 3, 2012

Farewell November, glad you’re gone…welcome December, happy to see you replace the November numbing.

For a variety of reasons, November has always been my least favorite month. This year’s version has been especially challenging.

At the beginning of the month, the US general election was an energy-draining distraction. And here in Toronto, a judge ordered the mayor of Canada’s largest city, removed from office, adding yet another element of chaos to an already dysfunctional city council.

Among the many fascinating elements of the mayor’s court-ordered removal, is how a totally preventable issue escalated to its current crisis stage. On at least seven occasions, perhaps as many as nine, the mayor was warned of being in a conflict of interest position, the issue that ultimately led to his removal. But he ignored all of these warnings.

In ordering the removal from office, the judge referred to the mayor’s behavior as ‘stubborn, willing blindness’. Strong words!

From my little corner of the world, it appears that the mayor of Toronto is not the only elected official to whom these words can be applied. What about the elected representatives in Washington whose stubborn, willing blindness contributes to the fiscal cliff crisis?

I also think that the same description can also be applied to service professionals who just don’t understand the importance, let alone the value, of proactively marketing their services.

What the mayor, elected representatives and stubborn, willing blind service professionals don’t seem to get is that success is not all about them…it’s about serving voters and clients.

Sometimes we have to park our over-sized egos and do what is the highest and best good of others.




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