2012: It Was A Very Good Year

December 31, 2012

Of course, it was hard to not have a very good year having spent the first three months of 2012 surrounded by the beauty and energy of one of my favorite places: Granada, Nicaragua.

And a long weekend in another of my of my favorite places, New Orleans, Louisiana regenerated flagging energy in September.

Looking back, I recognize a conversation in Granada as a criterion for what makes things good. Chatting while keeping cool in the swimming pool, Lucia, one of the owners of the hotel where I stayed suggested that the ordinary people of a country distinguished it from others. Having met so many wonderfully warm and friendly Nicaraguans, I was in full agreement.

Economically, Nicaragua is the poorest country in Central America, with a per capita income about 6% of that of the United States. Despite the extreme poverty Nicaraguans, or Nicas tend to be happy people who willingly share their joy and energy.

It wasn’t until starting my reflection on the year now ending that I recognized how so many amazing people contributed to 2012 being such a very good year.

Catching the Nica sense of happiness, ex pats living in Granada and visitors passing through added to the flow of positive energy. Bueno!

In New Orleans, even if one wanted to, it is difficult to escape the music and friendliness of locals and visitors alike.

Whether it was the homeless man asking me what it would take to get a smile on my face, or dancing on Frenchman Street with Robbin and Karen from Austin, Texas, I truly felt the joy of the people in that city. And my visit was only a couple of weeks after Hurricane Isaac paid his visit!

What’s even better, over the past year, I have met some wonderful people here in Toronto…and interacted with some truly amazing people online.

Clearly, it was my interactions with happy, positive and energetic people that made the past year such a good one for me.

Part of me is grateful that the universe sent so many wonderful people into my life in 2012.

Another part of me is thankful that I allowed myself to move away from the status quo and be open to connecting with so many amazing people.

Thank you for our connection. Regardless of how great or small our connection is, I truly appreciate it.

From my perspective, 2012 has been a very good year. As for 2013, the best is yet to come. Hope it is for you as well.


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