2013: The Best Is Yet To Come

January 2, 2013

Being the optimist I like to think I am, each new year offers the opportunity to build on the gains of the previous year. Happily 2012’s gains serve as a great platform for this year’s activities.

The strange thing is that these results were not really what I had in mind last year at this time. They are so much better in so many ways.

Without going into detail, I’ll outline some of my plans for 2013 and what that means for like you who market professional services.

Early in June, I started to tire of the self-created demand to continuously produce new and good content for my blog and social media posts. What was particularly frustrating was that I had enough written material stored in archives, that could have and should have been re-purposed as new blog and social media posts.

Since I am happiest when writing, it was an easy and virtually ‘no-brainer’ decision to re-purpose relevant archived material into an instructional book about marketing professional services. Initially the book was to have been in a downloadable e-book format. Shortly after the book started to take form, the idea of an accompanying workbook arose.

But that was then and this is now. The first drafts of How To Market Professional Services, in both electronic book and workbook format, are now substantially complete. (That’s about 300 pages of content.) If you want a free copy of each or both, check back on on Friday, when I’ll tell you how you can get copies.

What is truly amazing about the original book idea is it has spawned an 8-part training and educational program to help service professionals with their marketing. These eight parts will be released at different times over the next year.

With the evolution of the book into full 8-part program, my main role shifts from writing to community development, which is another activity that I really enjoy.

For 2013, my intention is to build a community of like-minded people who are interested marketing professional services. When you are ready, I look forward to your participation in whatever form is right for you.

I wish you great success in 2013…and let’s do some amazing things together.


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