10 Challenges of Marketing Professional Services

January 16, 2013

Now that the first draft of How To Market Professional Services and its companion workbook are complete, I can write about some specific issues that have been lingering on my growing list of blog topics.

One of the side benefits of working on How To Market Professional Services is that I now have a knowledge and information base for individual issues relating in one way or another to marketing professional services. When responding to specific marketing issues, it’s always easier and more effective to link possible solutions to relevant learning resources.

The 10 Challenges

Regardless of the effectiveness of our marketing planning and management, inevitably we will all face a serious challenge (aka problem or crisis) that requires immediate attention.

Here are 10 of what might be considered major marketing challenges for service professionals. Over the coming weeks, I will offer tips and suggestions for responding to these challenges.

To help you develop the best and most appropriate response, appropriate reference will be made to either or both of How To Market Professional Services and the Marketing Professional Services Workbook.

In random order, here are 10 serious marketing challenges that most service professionals face at one point or another.

  1. Losing A Major Client
  2. A New Competitor In The Market
  3. A Public Relations Disaster
  4. Offering A Service That Clients Need But Don’t Know It
  5. Loyal Client Choosing A Competitor For Help
  6. Client Pipeline Drying Up Or Slowing Down
  7. You Want More Or Different Business But Are Too Busy To Market
  8. You Hate Social Media But Your Competitors Are All Using It
  9. You Love Serving Clients But Hate Marketing
  10. You Feel Over-Worked And Under-Compensated

If you love serving clients, but hate marketing your services, check out this coaching for professionals who don’t like marketing.  It might help you change your approach to marketing and start attracting more, perhaps better, clients.



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