10 Things Celebrate Tonight

February 1, 2013

“One big reason to set goals is so when you achieve something significant, you know to celebrate.

“Otherwise we just keep pushing forward, unsatisfied. Feeling like that right now with something and let me tell you, it sucks.”

Those are the words of my Facebook friend Kyle Byron, posted on his time-line a couple of days ago.

Right now, I’m also experiencing that same feeling. With both my latest book and accompanying work book now complete, my next set of goals and a reason to celebrate an achievement seems a long way off. Kyle’s right…it sucks!

To pull myself out of a self-created state of unsatisfaction and also as a public service, here are 10 thing to celebrate tonight.

10. Feb 1, 1788: Isaac Briggs and William Longstreet patented the steamboat.

Without the steamboat how could football fans travel to New Orleans? Cheers to Briggs and Longstreet!

9. February 1, 1940: Frank Sinatra sang “Too Romantic” and “The Sky Fell Down” in his first recording session with the Tommy Dorsey Band.

Always happy to celebrate Frank Sinatra.

8. February 1 1976: “Sonny and Cher” resumed on TV despite a real life divorce.

Let’s celebrate fun music and long lasting relationships.

7. February 1 1994: Jeff Gillooly pled guilty in Portland, OR, for his role in the attack on figure skater Nancy Kerrigan.

Gillooly, Tonya Harding’s ex-husband, struck a plea bargain under which he confessed to racketeering charges in exchange for testimony implicating Harding.

Let’s celebrate our own sanity.

6. February 1, 1994: the American singer Skylar Laine was born.

I’m not familiar with Skylar or his work, so let’s celebrate that his name is the most recent name in Wikipedia’s list of famous people born today.

5. February 1, 2004: Janet Jackson experienced the most famous wardrobe malfunction in history.

For those of us who have ever experienced a wardrobe malfunction, we can celebrate the fact that it wasn’t in front of millions of viewers.

4. The return of NHL hockey

Toronto Maple Leaf fans can celebrate the possibility of the team making the playoffs this year.

3. Super Bowl XLVII in New Orleans

What better reason to celebrate than incredible combination of Super Bowl XLVII in New Orleans?

Party Hearty!

2. Today is Groundhog Day Eve

For many years, I lived in rural Ontario where Groundhog Day the highlight of the winter.

Every February 2, we eagerly checked to see if Wiarton Willie saw his shadow when he emerged from his burrow.

Tonight, we can celebrate the possibility that this albino groundhog will not see his shadow tomorrow, signaling an early spring. (Update: Willie did not see his shadow, which means an early spring.  Something definitely worth celebrating!)

1. Yesterday, I went on a 1 ½ hour shopping excursion on foot.

Not an act of temporary madness, this was a very deliberate act on my part. Tired of hearing myself complain about the winter weather, I put on my warmest clothes and went to some of my favorite places to get the ingredients for a really nice dinner.

The excursion, covered about 4 kilometres in snow squally Toronto. Had it been in more temperate New Orleans, it would have been about 2 ½ miles and about 30 degrees (Fahrenheit) warmer.

The dinner was fabulous…just like it would have been in New Orleans. It delivered an overload of satisfaction…with the added bonus of an achievement (the walk) to celebrate. Life is good!

Your invitation to celebrate is totally open. Celebrate any of all of these items in any way you choose. If nothing in the list resonates with you, celebrate the good things in your life. It sucks to get dragged down by complaining about the bad ones.



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