WANTED: 6 Professionals Who Want More Ideal Clients

March 11, 2013

Many professionals want and deserve more clients.

In most cases, these people cannot attract enough of the kinds of clients they love to serve.

This situation is not the result of anything that they are… or are not …doing.

Usually the inability to attract more ideal clients comes from a combination of two factors:

  1. a limited understanding of how to market professional services.
  2. a limited understanding of how to market professional services based on the individual’s unique strengths and resources.

The purpose of my book How To Market Professional Services is to help motivated professionals learn what they need to know to market their services.

Similarly, the companion How To Market Professional Services Workbook will help professionals learn how to market their services their way.

To increase the marketing support for motivated professionals, I have combined the book and workbook with my existing ongoing coaching service into a new marketing training program.

Now that these elements have been combined and the program is good to go, I want 6 motivated professionals to help me test the service.

By participating in this test, you will receive benefits worth at least $45,000…for the existing coaching fee, the benefits of which are worth at $30,000. And like the coaching service alone, the new program is 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

In other words, as a thank you for participating in the test, you will enjoy benefits worth about $15,000 more than the coaching alone. Yes…more ideal clients are among the benefits that you will enjoy.

This is a one-time only, limited offer. Only 6 motivated professionals will be accepted, on a first-come first-served basis. On completion of this test, the fee will be increased by 50%.

To learn more about the new marketing training program and become one of 6 professionals to benefit from this offer, click here.




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