What I Learned in The First Quarter of 2013 Will Improve The Next Quarter

April 1, 2013

As a lifetime learner, I have never quite gotten around to ending my learning. Hopefully, I never will.

For the most part learning opportunities tend to find me. When there is something I need or want to learn, it’s seldom necessary to search for relevant learning opportunities…they just seem to appear.

The first three months of this year has offered an overabundance of rich learning opportunities. At one point, I was actively involved in four online training programs, which turned out to be too much even for an avid learner such as me…had to drop one program.

Even though the first quarter of 2013 generated tons of learning, what might be considered the most significant new insight came late last week.

In his book, Good to Great,  Jim Collins introduces the “Hedgehog” concept: doing one thing and doing it well.

The concept requires the intersection of three answers:

  1. What are you passionate about?
  2. What can you be the best at?
  3. What can actually make you a living?

In addition to having a great name, the Hedgehog concept makes a lot of sense to me.

At the beginning of the year I was juggling four related projects, none of which was generating the kinds of results that I wanted. By applying the Hedgehog concept, I have been able to identify the one activity that will best answer all of the above questions.

As a result, starting today, the first day of the second quarter, I will focus on doing one thing and doing it well…help motivated and experienced service professionals grow their businesses.

Of the other three projects, one will be discontinued, one will be put on hold and the other will be delegated to someone else.

Ah…that feels better already. And what a a great piece of Spring cleaning!


One Response to “What I Learned in The First Quarter of 2013 Will Improve The Next Quarter”

  1. Todd Says:

    I like it, Larry. I have heard this same type of thinking from many successful people in the past, and I believe it is especially applicable when you are trying to get your first foothold in success. Your chances of getting that first taste of success increase exponentially when you can truly focus on that ONE thing that answers the three questions above.

    Thank you for the great reminder!

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