Top 5 Blog Posts…Of 200

May 10, 2013

This being my 200th blog post since January of last year, it’s timely to reflect on my the experience.

Two questions immediately come to mind.

  • What were the most popular blogs?
  • What have I learned from the past 16 months of blogging?

Identifying the most popular blogs is easy. Based on the number of views here are my top five blog posts:

  1. How To Market Professional Services: The Basics And Beyond
  2. 3 Reasons To Fire Clients
  3. 10 Challenges of Marketing Professional Services
  4. What To Do When You Love Serving Clients But Hate Marketing
  5. Overcoming 3 Fears In Marketing Professional Services

These posts share several common features.

First, they are all experience-based. Virtually all blog content is based on my own experience of marketing professional services. In some cases, the content is supplemented by the experience of others. It’s reassuring to recognize that experience remains the best teacher.

Second, they all focus on the process of attracting new clients and generating new fee revenue. Strange as it may appear, even the second most popular post, 3 Reasons To Fire Clients, has a strong connection marketing element. Think of it as weeding your client garden: by eliminating factors that do little more than drain resources, we can attract and serve more and better clients.

A third common factor is that like the process of marketing itself, the issues addressed by these posts are continuous and ongoing.

To maintain an sustainable flow of new and repeat business, it’s important to continuously apply the basics of marketing professional services. And to avoid having to fire clients, it’s critical to continue to qualify and select only the clients we love to serve.

From my perspective, the most valuable lesson from the past 200 blogs is the powerful role that experience plays in successfully marketing professional services.

The best experience gets even better when it’s shared. I willingly share my experience in the hope that it helps other like-minded service professionals improve their marketing.

If you have shared some of your experience in response to any of my posts…thank you. If however, you have yet to share some marketing experience, you are more than welcome to join the discussion.


2 Responses to “Top 5 Blog Posts…Of 200”

  1. Thanks for sharing these ideas in your brilliant brain on a very trying Monday for me —-I apprecitate it. I was feeling that my train of thought was off but your info. hit me spot -on. THANKS for that!!!

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