Nelson Mandela: The Best in Life and Politics

December 6, 2013

When is the last time you felt a sense of gratitude..but failed to express it?

Sure, it’s easy to criticize and complain about the negative aspects that come our way. But what about some the really good things…how often do we express our gratitude?

As a resident of Toronto and citizen of the world, today I am greeted with examples of both the best and the worst that life and politics has to offer.

Yes our crack-smoking, alcohol-abusing, low-life of a mayor continues to display his contempt for democracy and the very taxpayers he claims to respect. But he has received more than enough attention for his antics. I will leave the analysis of the latest reports of his misbehavior to the late night comics.

Today, I feel more gratitude than disgust. I am grateful for the life of Nelson Mandela.

I have no first hand knowledge of South Africa or the problems and issues that affected its people. I am grateful to have never experienced the persecution, prosecution and sheer injustice that were standard features of the life of Nelson Mandela.

I do however continue to be grateful for anyone, anywhere who like Nelson Mandela is committed to making a difference in his or her world. And for those people who must overcome persecution, prosecution and sheer injustice, not only am I am truly grateful, I am filled with respect and admiration.

Thank you Nelson Mandela for your life, for making a difference in the world and through your life for serving as an example of the best in life and politics.

As citizens of the world, we are all grateful for your work.



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