Allow me to introduce myself and what I’m all about.

My life has been … and continues to be … a series of rich experiences, one after the other.

Most of these experiences have been relationships with other people.  The people who have influenced me help shape how I interact with others.

Other experiences involved relationships with ideas and concepts, also influence who I am and how I do things.

And of course, many life experiences were unexpected opportunities that came along, seemingly right out of the blue.

It doesn’t really matter whether these experiences were with people or ideas, planned outcomes or unexpected developments…they’re all good.

All experiences, whether we judge them good, bad or indifferent, are in fact learning opportunities. From experiences that we label as positive, we can learn the factors that contribute to positive or desired results.

On the other hand, from those experiences we consider as negative, we can learn what not to do so that we can avoid unwanted outcomes.

My intention for this blog is to share my experience, insights and observations about marketing professional services.

In practice, this means helping people who provide professional services get more … and hopefully … better clients.

Professional Training

My legal training help me acquire the ability to identify and focus laser-like on critical issues.

As a consultant, I learned how to draw upon all available resources to help resolve specific issues that were in fact obstacles to desired outcomes.

Without a doubt, experience is the best teacher.

Happily, thanks to training in adult education, I learned why and how this process works.

To learn more about my professional training and experience, check out my Linkedin profile.

Professional Experience

As a practising lawyer, I learned how to analyze complex issues and then develop resolution strategies. These lessons were enhanced and refined further in my role as a consultant and coach, helping clients achieve better marketing results.

Having worked with major publishers on the preparation and promotion of several books, I enjoyed the productive synergy of working as part of a team of like-minded people.

And of course, having been a self-employed service professional for virtually all of my career, I know only too well that there never seems to be enough time to complete all those necessary marketing tasks.

For me, laser coaching is the ideal format for consolidating my professional and life experience into a time-effective, client-friendly service.

Attracting, Serving & Reminding Clients

Another aspect of my legal training, was the concept that legal marketing was about finding, minding & binding clients.

However, having replaced my lawyer’s hat with a variety of other chapeaus, I now realize that marketing professional services is about attracting, serving, & reminding clients.

The best way to attract clients is to help them understand how we, as service professionals, can help them.

Serving clients involves doing whatever it takes to satisfy them, without compromising our core values and beliefs.

Reminding clients about how we helped them generates more repeat and referral business.

If you are not attracting, serving and reminding as many clients as you would like, I can help.

Lifelong Learning

Ever since I learned to read, I have been an avid reader.

Drawing upon the resources of a fantastic public library system, I invariably have at least one book on the go, often reading 1-2 books each week.

Whenever one of these books qualifies as a keeper, I buy my own copy.

As a result, my bookshelves include works by people like Napoleon Hill (Think and Grow Rich), Jack Canfield (The Success Principles) Michael Gerber, Tom Peters and Michael Port (Book Yourself Solid…a must read for all service professionals!)

Over the past year, I have probably spent more time in webinars, teleconferences, and online training than I spent in classrooms earning my undergraduate degree. No regrets…it’s all good.

Would you like to benefit from the ideas of marketing online or offline marketing experts? I can help.

What better way of adding to the resources to help you…and other people like you?

Like life, marketing can be fun and exciting. We get out of both experiences what we put into them.

Feel free to add your own comments, insights and observations to whatever I may post in this blog.

Not only will that allow you to have your say … you can help others learn more about professional service marketing.

It seems to me when we share experiences, we make good things even better.

Now…what are you working on that I can help you with?  Let’s think big together … and come up with the incredible results that you want and deserve.



To Learn More About Professional Marketing Education and Training, see:


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