Once you have identified the characteristics of your ideal clients, you can attract prospects who meet these criteria.

Who Are Your Ideal Clients?

From a business perspective, the most fundamental criteria of ideal clients is their willingness and ability to pay your fees.

There are however other factors that contribute to qualifying prospects as ideal clients.

One such factor is marketing potential.

The best and most ideal clients represent the potential to generate new business for you.

This new business could come in two forms.

One form is recurring or repeat engagements from the clients themselves. The other is the referral business they might generate by recommending you to their family, friends and network contacts.


When you attract prospects who can generate ongoing new business, you are ensuring the sustainability of your business.

To a large degree, satisfying clients depends upon your personal relationships with the people to whom you provide your professional services.

The most effective and enjoyable personal relationships are those relationships in which both parties share common values and beliefs. The higher the level of commonality, the more effective and enjoyable the relationship is for both parties.

As a result, when you attract prospects with whom you have many things in common, you are attracting the kind of people who have the potential to become ideal clients.


Add Value To Your Relationships With Prospective Clients

Seldom do prospective clients instantly become clients.

More often than not, helping prospects make the transition to clients is a relationship-building process. During this process you help your prospects get to know more about you, and vice versa.

The best way to develop relationships is to add value to the relationships. This will help increase prospects` comfort level to the point that they are ready to make the decision to hire you.


Enlist Support To Attract Prospects

There are three main sources of help in attracting potentially ideal clients.


Once you have satisfied ideal clients you can satisfy others like them. Similarly, your ideal clients probably know other people like themselves.

Satisfied clients are usually happy to help you attract more people like them…potentially ideal clients. Once you have demonstrated your ability to serve clients, all you have to do is ask your clients for referrals.

Network Contacts

The same considerations that apply to recruiting clients to help attract prospects also apply to involving your network contacts.

Social Media Connections

Whether LinkedIn connections, Facebook friends or Twitter followers, these people can help you attract the kinds of clients that you want to serve.

To help them connect you with their connections, your profile and posts should be content-rich and pitch-free.

Ensure that you add value to these online relationships just as you do with your offline personal relationships.



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