The Right Marketing Approach for Professionals

Few aspects of professional service marketing appear more disconnected than serving individual clients one-on-one and promoting our services to the world.

On the one hand serving individual clients requires us to identity what they need and want and then use whatever resources are available to us to satisfy these people.

On the other hand, promoting our services to the world seems to be trying to be all things to all potential clients, trying to send them the message they need to hear in order to consider hiring us.

In an ideal world, we will attract and serve the clients who respond best to our distinctive style of service. And in return, these clients do more than simply pay their bills. They help us feel good about what we do and who we are. They are our ideal clients…the kinds of people we just love to serve.

From a marketing perspective, this means that instead of trying to promote our services to the entire world, it would be better to target that elite group of individuals who represent our ideal clients.

Help them understand how you assist people just like them.

By presenting yourself as an expert in your field (you are, aren’t you?) you can also position yourself as the go-to person when these potentially ideal clients, or people they know, need the kind of help that you provide.

What Do Clients Find Appealing And Attractive?

Despite our training and qualifications, clients are more likely to say that they selected individual professionals on the basis of specific personal characteristics. In other words, there was something about us that was appealing and attractive enough that potential clients chose us instead of the competition.

What is that special something that makes us appealing and attractive to potential clients?

Unfortunately there is no one-size-fits-all bundle of characteristics that appeals to all potential clients in all circumstances.

There are however nine characteristics that appeal to most clients, most of the time. Part I of this Ebook outlines these nine characteristics. The more of these characteristics that you possess and demonstrate, the easier it will be to attract more and ideally better clients.

By consistently demonstrating these characters in your marketing and client service you can attract, serve and satisfy more clients. There is no better approach to developing and maintaining the sustainable flow of new business that you need, want and yes—even deserve.

Don’t Tell Them…Show Them

One major marketing challenge for professionals is to present ourselves as competent and trustworthy advisers.

Unfortunately, too much professional services marketing is little more than shameless self-promotion. Few activities turn potential clients off as much as does self-serving, boastful advertising.

A more attractive and appealing approach is to demonstrate—not promote– our individual competence and trustworthiness. In practice this means don’t tell prospective clients how competent and trustworthy you are…show them.

This Ebook will help you learn how to demonstrate your best stuff, without defaulting to boastful self-promotional advertising.

By demonstrating your competence and trustworthiness, you can attract more and better clients.

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Showcase Your Best Stuff

The best approach to demonstrating competence and trustworthiness is to incorporate these factors into those things we do well.

As professionals, what we tend do best is interacting and engaging with other people.

For most of us, it’s much easier to interact and engage with others live and in-person. In today’s online world, it is much more difficult.

Fortunately, the basic elements of interacting and engaging with others is the same online as it is live and in-person. And what’s even better—there are only two basic elements to keep in mind.

One of these elements is to be yourself. People who try to present as something they are not are seldom appealing and attractive to others. Most of us can see through phonies and try to avoid them.

The second element is to address one person at a time. Offline, that one person is the individual with whom you in conversation. Online, that one person meets the profile of your ideal client, representative of the kinds of clients you want to attract.

With this Ebook, you can learn to showcase your best stuff. By showcasing your best stuff, not only will you demonstrate your competence and trustworthiness, you will also become more appealing and attractive to potential clients. This in turn will position you to attract more and better clients.


The Best Professional Service Marketing Strategies

Realistically, all professional services share one critical common feature: each engagement is shaped by the relationship between service provider and his or her clients.

Given the uniqueness of these engagements, mass marketing strategies commonly used to promote the sale of commodities are seldom effective for marketing professional services.

Despite an ever increasing range of marketing tools and techniques, four tried and true strategies offer the most effective approaches to generating more new business for professionals.

This Ebook will help you learn what you need to know to apply these strategies in order to generate more new business.

Instead of wasting limited time,energy and money on the latest trend in marketing, why not devote your resources to effectively applying the best marketing strategies for professionals?

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Continue to Build Trust

Why should our clients be expected to assume all the risk?

If we want clients to take a risk and deal with us, it is essential that they trust us on a person-to-person level. Potential clients must trust us before hiring us the first time. They must also trust us to continue to hire us … and to refer others to us.

Several factors strengthen trust in both what we say–marketing communications–and client service–how we serve clients. This Ebook identifies key factors that help build trust. It also identifies those factors that help undermine trust.

Having identified those critical factors, you will know what you have to do—and avoiding doing—to build and maintain trusting relationships with clients. This will enhance your ability to position yourself as trustworthy, which in turn will help attract more new clients and generate more repeat business.


How To Avoid Or Repair Broken Client Relationships

In an ideal world, once we establish trusting relationships with clients, we nurture and maintain these relationships…and live happily ever after.

Unfortunately, we do not live in an ideal world. We work and serve clients in the real world where unexpected things are bound to happen. Despite the best of intentions, even the best of client relationships can be damaged and broken.

Two main factors contribute to these disconnects.. These factors can prevent developing strong connections. They also contribute to the unraveling of established,seemingly strong connections.

This Ebook identifies and explains what prevents and weakens effective relationships with clients. With this knowledge you can develop and maintain better, stronger relationships with clients. These relationships will help ensure the sustainability the flow of new business, necessary for the success of your business.

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More Services Deliver More Value to Clients & More Revenue to You

Your knowledge and expertise, in combination with your understanding of what satisfies clients, enables you to anticipate their needs and offer solutions on a timely basis. As a result, you can draw upon your inventory of solutions to clients’ unmet needs. Your knowledge of individual clients helps you understand what solutions are appropriate, as well as also how and when to promote these solutions.

When serving clients, your purpose is to give them exactly what they need—but no more or no less. Sometimes, for whatever reason, professionals offer clients less than what they really need. In practice by offering more services you create another opportunity to help them.

Unfortunately, many service professionals mistakenly believe they only have a limited range of services to offer to clients. Having delivered all that they believe they can, they don’t think there is anything else they can do for clients.

More or enhanced services are the easiest sales to make. You’ve already gained your clients’ trust. They feel they know you and your business. As a result, you don’t have to spend a lot of time trying to get them to trust you. All you have to do is find a need you can satisfy.

By offering more services, you are creating a win-win scenario.

When clients receive more help than they expected, they will long remember how you exceeded their expectations. Satisfied clients whose expectation have been exceeded are more than happy to make referrals and return again for repeat engagements.

Enhanced services are extremely profitable: they generate new revenues without a corresponding increase in expenses.

As outlined in this Ebook, the simple act of offering more or enhanced services is rich with opportunities to help your clients more and generate more new business. Are you ready to do deliver more to your clients and generate more new business?

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Information Products

Satisfied clients love to buy packaged learning & experiences.

As a qualified professional, you are uniquely qualified to deliver these experiences. Also known as information products, these enhanced service features include from books and CDs to E-courses and other learning opportunities. such items as

Information products truly extend your ability to serve and help clients. These products can build upon and enhance the professional services that you delivered personally.

They are also invaluable marketing tools. In the hands of satisfied clients they can help generate repeat and referral business. They remind clients of how much you helped them, encouraging them to come back for more service and even refer others to you.

Financially, they also offer the opportunity to generate multiple streams of passive income.

Information products are revenue producing show and tell marketing. How great is that?

If the concept of supplying information products is new to you, this Ebook will help get you started on the valuable new service element.

Similarly, if you are already benefiting from information products, this Ebook can help stimulate nw ideas for even better results.

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Improve Your Marketing—Starting Now!

The Ebook is available in flexible Epub format. You can enjoy it on your computer or your Ereader. Yu can even print the Ebook if you wish.

Once you purchase the book you can immediately start improving your marketing and generating more new business.

Isn’t it time that you started to enjoy the new business that you need, want and deserve?

Your investment in the Ebook—$8.99 USD–is about the same as the cost of a fast food lunch.

But the Ebook offers longer lasting and more valuable benefits than a forgettable fast-food lunch. You will continue to enjoy the benefits of the workbook for as long as you run your business.

Buy the Ebook now…and start to create your own sustainable flow of new business.

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In ePub format, this Ebook offers a wide range of choices.

You can read it on any ePub reader or your Windows PC/PocketPC, Mac OS, Linux OS, Apple iPhone/iPod Touch equipment or device.

There is no limit on the number of devices onto which you can load the Ebook. And what’s more…you can even print as many copies as often as you wish.

All marketing resources should be this flexible.

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