How Your Distinctiveness Can Help Generate More Business

If like most professionals you want to generate more new business, the biggest challenge you face is distinguishing your services from those of your competitors.

Everyone who delivers the same type of service delivers it much the same way, right? After all, lawyers learned about practicing law from essentially the same formal and on-the-job training. So did others who require licensing or certification. If a specific group of professionals went through the same, or very similar training, why would their services not be similar?

Realistically however, each of us is unique. Notwithstanding any standardization of training or commonality of experience, no one serves clients the way you do. How could they? Your combination of personality, skills, training and experience is unique. No one else can draw upon this individual combination of factors to serve clients exactly the same as you.

You can, and indeed should, draw upon this distinctiveness to generate more new business.

Ignore the Myths – Professional Service Branding Helps You Succeed is a new Ebook that will help you stand out from the crowd by incorporating the principles of branding into your marketing.

Professional Service Branding

Professional service branding is a simple, straight-forward concept. It is intended to proclaim your uniqueness and also promise client satisfaction.

Everybody notices those individuals who stand out from the crowd. Provided the reasons for standing out are positive in nature, people who distinguish themselves from the crowd tend to attract and maintain the interest of others.

In marketing, those businesses that stand out from the crowd invariably attract more clients and generate more new business.

When marketing professional services, those individuals who stand out from the crowd attract more and perhaps better clients. They also continue to generate more new business on an ongoing basis.

Without a doubt, a personal brand is the best way to distinguish yourself from a crowded field of competitors. And there is no more time- and cost-effective resource for developing a personal brand than Ignore the Myths – Professional Service Branding Helps You Succeed.

This new Ebook will help you identify those factors that distinguish you from all others. It will also help you consolidate these factors into a clear brand statement. With this brand statement you can stand out from the crowd, attract more clients and generate more new business. Isn’t it time that the marketplace recognized your distinctiveness?

But there’s more. Your brand statement also promises potential clients the benefits they will enjoy from your services. This brand promise answers the question that is on the mind of every potential client: what’s in it for me? In answering this most basic of all client questions, your brand promise also increases your attractiveness to potential clients. The more attractive you appear to clients, the more likely they will be to choose you to help them.

Once clients understand and value the benefits of your distinctiveness in how you serve them as individuals, they will be more likely to hire you for your help. Isn’t it time that you started to promote what is distinctive about your and your services…instead of hiding what makes you special?

If you want to stand out from the crowd, you need an effective brand statement. And to develop an effective brand statement, grab your copy of Ignore the Myths – Professional Service Branding Helps You Succeed now. It will help you do what you need to do to stand out from the crowd and attract more new business.

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Distinguish Yourself From the Competition

Big businesses and multi-national corporations spend millions of dollars developing and promoting their brands.

As a service professional, you are just as distinctive in your field as large multi-national corporations are in theirs. And what’s even more important, you probably deliver better quality client service than they do.

In practice, your personal brand is what distinguishes you from the competition.

No only will your personal brand help potential clients understand how your distinctiveness helps them, they will also realize how your service is different from your competitors. Your brand will help you stand out from in a crowded field of competitors. And by standing out from your competitors you ca and will attract more potentially ideal clients.

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What Makes You Unique?

Ignore the Myths – Professional Service Branding Helps You Succeed will guide you through the process of identifying those factors that make you unique.

This process is based on a series of questions that you can consider at your own pace and answer in your own words. Instead of of trying to fit your distinctiveness into standard standard one-size-fits-all formula, you will identify those factors that make you unique as an individual brands key elements of your personal brand.

Choose Your Format

In ePub format, this Ebook offers a wide range of choices.

You can read it on any ePub reader or your Windows PC/PocketPC, Mac OS, Linux OS, Apple iPhone/iPod Touch equipment.

There is no limit on the number of devices onto which you can load the Ebook. And what’s more…you can even print as many copies as often as you wish.

All marketing resources should be this flexible.

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Develop Your Personal Brand—Starting Now!

Once you purchase the book you can immediately start developing your brand statement.

Your investment in the Ebook—$5.99 USD–is about the same as the price of a specialty coffee.

But the Ebook offers longer lasting and more valuable benefits than the coffee. You will continue to enjoy the benefits of the ebook for as long as you run your business.

Buy the Ebook now…and improve how you grow and develop your business.

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A free preview of this Ebook includes some of the questions referred to above.

To check out these questions, click the “Buy Now” button, which will take you to the publisher’s listing. Once there, click on the book title, then scroll down, below the image of the book on the left. In very small font, you will see the word “Preview”. By clicking “Preview” you can access the Table of Contents followed by sample content, which includes some questions you can consider. You won’t be leaving your email address or other identifying information. So don’t be shy…check it out. You can even print this preview and work through the questions if you wish. (To print the preview, click the printer icon in the upper right corner of your screen.)

Provided you answer the questions honestly, you will have the basis for the most effective marketing communications possible, communications that will help generate the new business that you want, need and yes even deserve.

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