Writing a Book Makes You an Expert In Your Field

Showcase Your Expertise – Attract More Clients

If you have ever thought about writing a book, you are not alone.

Many people would like to write a book—either from scratch or based on existing content such as blog posts, newsletters and other written material.

Your Competitive Advantage

As a published author, you are recognized as an expert in your field. Both your personal profile and credibility are dramatically enhanced.

Without a doubt, you have a very powerful advantage over unpublished competitors in your market.

You are unique in your market. No one else has your unique combination of skills, experience and personality. Isn’t it time that you used your distinctiveness as a platform to stand out from the crowd? And what better way of standing out from the crowd than as a published author?

If you want to write a book but don’t know how to go about it, help is now at hand. Writing a Book Makes You an Expert In Your Field is a new Ebook that will guide you through the process of writing, and yes, even publishing your own book.

Your Versatile & Effective Marketing Tool

E-books can be:

  • downloaded free from your website
  • sent by email to prospects, clients and contacts

Hard copy books can be used as:

  • promotional tools
  • thank you gifts for clients and referral sources
  • back-of-room sales at speeches and personal appearances

Hard copy books are probably the longest lasting of all marketing communications. Few people discard helpful books. Most people treasure books written by people they know…and that are personally signed by the author. As valued possessions, these books will help clients and contacts remember you for a very long time.

To learn more about how having a published book can help with your marketing, check out the free preview for this new Ebook.

To check out the preview, click the “Buy Now” button, which will take you to the publisher’s listing. Once there, click on the book title (Writing a Book Makes You an Expert In Your Field), then scroll down, below the image of the book on the left. In very small font, you will see the word “Preview”. By clicking “Preview” you can access the Table of Contents followed by sample content. You won’t be leaving your email address or other identifying information. So don’t be shy…check it out.

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Your Low-Cost Self-Financing Marketing

Whether in e-book or hard-copy format, your self published book can be a source of additional revenue which will be another source of income for you.

Self published books can usually be ready for sale and distribution sooner than you would expect.

If you want your book on the market ASAP…and who doesn’t?…self-publishing is the best route to go.

Similarly, if you want your book to increase you profile and enhance your credibility in a specifically defined market, self-publishing will provide the flexibility to connect with the potential clients and contacts quickly and effectively. Neither a massive distribution network nor an army of marketing and sales people are necessary to connect with a few thousand people.

The bottom line on writing a book to showcase your expertise? It is unquestionably the best low cost, high-impact profile-building tool available to professionals like you. There simply is no better way to showcase your professional expertise.

If you are serious about attracting new clients and generating new business, get your copy of the Ebook and start working on your own Ebook now!

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Convert Your Blog into An E-Book

You have spent a great deal of time and energy thinking about …researching …and writing your blog entries.

What a waste…just letting them linger unread and unused in your archives.

Many of your posts contain unique and original ideas that will interest and benefit others.

Your archived blog posts are more than just a collection of your past thoughts and ideas.

They represent a powerful marketing resource that is largely ignored by most bloggers.

By converting your blog posts into a book…and self publishing your book…you will not only enjoy the recognition that of being a published author, you will also enjoy significant advantages over your unpublished competitors. Once you have written at about 100 blog posts, you will have a good starting point for your book. All that will be needed is some consolidating and editing.

In addition to your blog posts, you probably have lots of great content hidden away in your archives. Isn’t it time that you monetize your archives and at the same time showcase your professional expertise? Preparing your own Ebook will achieve both of the results, easier and faster than you would have ever believed possible. But why wait any longer to enjoy the benefits of having your own book?

Grab your own coy of the Ebook now and start working on your own Ebook within the next five minutes.

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Create Your Own Book In 10 Weeks

To produce a 150-page book, you will require about 52,500 words of content. That seems like a lot…but broken into small pieces, it really isn’t.

To produce this number of words over 10 weeks would require that you write 5250 words per week…or 750 words each day

Depending upon how quickly you write, it will probably only take a couple of hours each day to. generate new content for your book.

But there is no reason that you have to generate new content.

For this Ebook, I drew upon previously written archived content and repurposed into book format. This entire process took less than a day and a half.

Like most professionals, you probably have a wealth of archived content that can be easily repurposed into an ebook. When you are ready, Writing a Book Makes You an Expert In Your Field will help you prepare your own Ebook, easier and faster than you would have thought possible.

Grab your own copy of Writing a Book Makes You an Expert In Your Field now and have your own Ebook online in a couple of days.

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Choose Your E-reader Format

In ePub format, Writing a Book Makes You an Expert In Your Field offers a wide range of choices.

You can read it on any ePub reader or your Windows PC/PocketPC, Mac OS, Linux OS, Apple iPhone/iPod Touch equipment.

There is no limit on the number of devices onto which you can load the Ebook. And what’s more…you can even print as many copies as often as you wish.

All marketing resources should be this flexible.

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Produce Your Own Book–Now!

Once you purchase the book you can immediately start developing your own Ebook.

Your investment in this Ebook—$5.99 USD–is about the same as the price of a specialty coffee.

But this Ebook offers longer lasting and more valuable benefits than the coffee. You will continue to enjoy the benefits of the ebook for as long as you run your business.

Buy the Ebook now…and get your own Ebook out there.

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Earlier I mentioned that it took took less than a day and a half to get this book online. That time frame included everything from locating the flash drive on which the material was archived up to and including making a electronic version available to retailers such as the Apple Ibookstore, Barnes & Noble NOOK, Amazon Kindle, KOBO and other retailers. Along the way, I also got the code behind the “Buy Now” button.

Gt your copy of Writing a Book Makes You an Expert In Your Field now and you can achieve the same results in less than two days.

Ready, set, go…..

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