the challenge

The Challenge

For most professionals, the challenge of marketing their services is daunting. Seemingly complex and confusing in nature, the very concept of professional services marketing can be mind-boggling to many people.

In many human endeavors, it is virtually impossible to understand the big picture all at once. Invariably, it’s easier to divide the big picture into into smaller more manageable categories.

In terms of marketing professional services, three inter-related categories will help understand what is involved in the process. These categories are

  • mindset and attitudes
  • skills and know-how
  • actions



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April 11, 2014

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Most professionals need want and yes, even deserve more new business.

Like most business owners and other self-employed individuals, professionals are busy people.

Many barely have time to properly serve current clients, let alone try to attract new ones. And even if they had the time to work on growing their businesses, many lack the appropriate know-how to make it happen.   …more

What if instead of struggling on your own to grow your business, you could draw on the support of a community of like-minded professionals?community

If you are fairly new to earning a living as a self-employed professional, wouldn’t it be great if you could draw on the knowledge and expertise of like-minded people who have gone down the road before you? And if you are an experienced professional, you have to love the idea of sharing your know-how and expertise with others who who will benefit from your experience. After all, good experiences get even better when they are shared.



In a recent post, I raised the question How Many Marketing Strategies Do You REALLY Need?

2009_bestWith the answer leaning to less is better, the obvious next question is what are the best strategies for marketing professional services? In the simplest of terms, what strategies will generate the most new business?

Sources Of New Business

Regardless of the service that we provide, there are only two sources of new business:

  1. new clients
  2. more business from existing clients

In order to attract more new potentially ideal clients, it is important for to offer them a compelling reason for choosing you instead of the competition. One element of this compelling reason is our personal brand, which helps distinguish us from the competition. The second element is our brand promise, which helps prospective new clients understand how they will benefit from our services.

Similarly, to generate more repeat business from past clients, it’s important to offer a compelling reason for hiring us again.

What value will they enjoy from more of the same type of service that they received in the past? Or equally important, what value would they receive from one of the your service areas that they have not yet experienced? (As a side note, helping clients enjoy services they have yet to experience, raises the question of how much clients know about your entire range of services. Concentrating only on those services that clients normally need could represent a huge lost opportunity).

Pull Marketing

Offering compelling reasons for potentially ideal choosing you or current clients choosing repeat business are examples of pull marketing. According to, “A pull strategy involves motivating customers to seek out your brand in an active process.”

In other words, it’s about “Getting the customer to come to you”

From the perspective of marketing professional services, the best pull marketing strategies include:

  • referrals
  • user-friendly information-rich websites
  • blogging
  • social media
  • public relations activities such as writing for publication and
  • public speaking

Given that marketing services marketing is about attracting more new clients and repeat business, the best marketing strategies for professionals get the clients to come to us. And that’s the magic of pull marketing.

To learn more, see:

If you love serving clients, but hate marketing…or are too busy to market … help is on the way.

Too many professionals see marketing as shameless self-promotion and aggressively pitching their services. Perhaps the norm in other businesses, these techniques don’t help market professional services.

Marketing professional services is about generating more new business.

There are two primary sources of new business.

The best source is repeat business from current and past clients.

The next best source is referrals from friends and family, clients and contacts.

Along with six other experienced professionals I am developing a website that help you learn what you need to know to generate more repeat and referral business. Watch for the launch of this site, coming soon.

If however, you enjoy marketing professional services, and want to join participate in the development, let me know. Experienced professionals are always welcome.

When is the last time you felt a sense of gratitude..but failed to express it?

Sure, it’s easy to criticize and complain about the negative aspects that come our way. But what about some the really good things…how often do we express our gratitude?

As a resident of Toronto and citizen of the world, today I am greeted with examples of both the best and the worst that life and politics has to offer.

Yes our crack-smoking, alcohol-abusing, low-life of a mayor continues to display his contempt for democracy and the very taxpayers he claims to respect. But he has received more than enough attention for his antics. I will leave the analysis of the latest reports of his misbehavior to the late night comics.

Today, I feel more gratitude than disgust. I am grateful for the life of Nelson Mandela.

I have no first hand knowledge of South Africa or the problems and issues that affected its people. I am grateful to have never experienced the persecution, prosecution and sheer injustice that were standard features of the life of Nelson Mandela.

I do however continue to be grateful for anyone, anywhere who like Nelson Mandela is committed to making a difference in his or her world. And for those people who must overcome persecution, prosecution and sheer injustice, not only am I am truly grateful, I am filled with respect and admiration.

Thank you Nelson Mandela for your life, for making a difference in the world and through your life for serving as an example of the best in life and politics.

As citizens of the world, we are all grateful for your work.