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2 Responses to “Let’s Connect”

  1. Mike Benck Says:


    I like your explanation of brand positioning statements.

    I am working to establish such a statement for the firm I have been with for the past 14 months. The firm has a 61-year history of success. We are an MEP engineering firm located in Omaha, Nebraska with three branch offices.

    A brand positioning statement we seem to be rallying around is Scientists, Artists, and Business Partners. My personal concern with this is that is lacks ACTION or a VERB. We have discussed “driving Innovation through science, art and business but have a concern about losing the word partners as business by itself seems self-serving. I also do not want to make the brand positioning statement too long.

    I have considered a “tagline” of “More than Engineering” with the explanation of Scientists, Artists, and Business Partners as demonstration of what “More than Engineering” really is.

    I am interested in your insights if you are willing.

    Thank you,
    Mike Benck
    (402) 233-7540

    • Larry Easto Says:

      Thanks Mike,

      Interesting conversation in your firm. Good to hear your colleagues seriously addressing the branding issue.

      What about a tagline such as “More than engineering–collaborative (collaborating?) partners with scientists, artists & business.” That seems to make a positive connection with the groups you work with.


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