The following coaching promises outline my commitment to clients.

1. Provide A Professional Service

As a professional, you are an expert at your work. This means that when helping clients, you deliver the highest possible quality of service.

It also means that when engaging another professional to provide you with services, you expect and deserve the same quality of service that you provide to clients.

My professional coaching services will match the high quality of services that you deliver.

You will enjoy the calibre of professional services that you expect … and deserve.

2. Treat Clients With Respect

As individuals, each of us is unique.

In working together, I will respect your unique skills, strengths and talents.

This will include recognizing and encourage your individual creativity and resourcefulness.

3. Maintain Trustworthy Relationships With Clients

Trustworthy relationships are reliable and dependable.

Once we have booked a coaching session, I will be prepared and available to help you in any way that I can.

I will draw upon all available knowledge, skills and experience to help you achieve your goals.

In return, I expect clients also to be prepared and available for scheduled coaching sessions. (Planned coaching sessions can be rescheduled on 24 hours notice.)

This approach will help your achieve better marketing results…sooner.

4. Work With Clients To Achieve Their Marketing Goals

Your marketing goals represent results that you would like to achieve.

They are not and should not represent the outcomes that others think you could or should bring about.

All aspects of the coaching process will focus on any or all of:

  • clarifying your marketing goals
  • developing strategies to achieve your goals
  • taking the appropriate actions to execute your strategies

5.  Ensure Clarity And Openness In Coaching Methods Used

To achieve the outcomes you want, results are more important than reasons.

Whenever necessary and appropriate, I will provide relevant rationale for specific coaching methods.

Whatever the reason for individual coaching techniques, the intent remains the same… to help you take the necessary actions to bring about the results you want.

6. Provide Unbiased, Non-Judgemental Feedback And Support

The best feedback focuses on specifically identified actions…not your belief or personality.

And the best coaching support helps clients achieve their desired results, using their resources as effective and efficiently as possible.

My feedback and support is intended to help you get more and better clients. It is in no way meant to evaluate pass judgement on who you are and what you stand for.

7.  Help You Develop A Fresh Perspective On Their Marketing

In most cases, the longer we do something, like marketing professional services, the less we see obstacles that prevent us from achieving the results we want.

Similarly, our familiarity with doing what we have always done, often blinds us to new and potentially profitable opportunities.

Coaches look at clients’ individual situations with new eyes.

As your marketing coach, I will help you identify obstacles and opportunities that you might otherwise miss.

And once we have identified these obstacles and opportunities, we will then develop and implement the appropriate strategies to help you get more clients.

8. Protect Your Right To Confidentiality

Confidentially is the essence of professional relationships.

As your coach, I will treat our relationship with total confidentiality.

Unless required by law and ordered by a court of competent jurisdiction, I not disclose any information about either the existence, terms or any elements of our professional relationship.

Anything that we say to each other is totally and completely confidential.

These coaching promises serve as a guarantee of the level of professional service that you can expect.

In effect, the coaching promises represent the same level of professionalism with which you serve your clients.

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