Coaching Service

The purpose of both Personalized Achievement Coaching and Leading Example Coaching is to help service professionals remove whatever obstacles prevent them from generating more new business.

Both formats employ email and live-interactive voice communications (either telephone or Skype) to provide support. Applying laser coaching techniques, live-interactive voice communications typically last less than 15 minutes.

Personalized Achievement Coaching functions as coaching on demand. It operate much like a marketing help desk. When clients have a specific marketing problem, they send an email outlining the problem and a coaching session is scheduled to discuss the problem and develop appropriate solutions.

Leading Example Coaching is ongoing coaching, which is delivered through weekly coaching sessions for a three-month term.

Coaching Fees

  • Personalized Achievement Coaching: $350/hour
  • Leading Example Coaching: $500/month for 3-month term
  • all fees are payable in advance
  • all fees will be invoiced through Payza (approval pending)
  • all invoices are payable on receipt

Return Policy – 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Once clients have been provided with any coaching service, unlike tangible products like books or CDs, it cannot be returned for restocking and resale.

In many cases it cannot even be undone. As a result of the service having been provided, the position of client and coach have changed. The client’s marketing position has changed for better or worse. And the coach cannot recoup and resell the time spent on behalf of the client.

If a client is not satisfied with any aspect of the coaching service, the coach’s responsibility is to do what ever it takes to return the client at the very least to his or her marketing position as it was before the coaching began.

In effect this means that all coaching is 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Everything that can be done will be done to ensure that you are totally satisfied with the coaching process.


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